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  1. Thanks for this honest review! The fb reviews are all too perfect lol and I knew coming to YT I would find a real review. My mom ordered one for my son due in a few weeks, so we’ll see!

    1. Crystal Scott you are welcome! I used mine for a couple weeks now and will do an update review in how it actually works. I think Lavish Moms pays for good comments and filters out negative ones 😅

    1. Aro hey! I personally don’t think so. My son still spit up while using it. I don’t think anything they advertised was true (after using it for about a little over a month) I have actually stopped using it and my pediatrician said it’s not good to have the baby sleeping in anything at night. Naps are ok bc I can keep an eye on him.

      I think a lot of the comments on it are paid for. After using the product I would say it’s not worth the money. All babies are different but this was not the miracle product they advertised.

      Hope that helps!

  2. If the product was improved on the things you mentioned such as the cushioning and flat head support would you consider getting the new and improved and testing that one out instead ?

  3. Thank you for this!! If I ever receive my product (ordered Sept 20) my daughter was born on the 27th. I will test it out and give an honest review as well. We’re in mid Nov now sooo this has already left a bad taste in my mouth…

    1. Ta’Nia Chenè Royster yes mind took about a month to get here. Which tells you it was drop shipped from China. Definitely not the miracle product that was promised but all babies are different!

  4. I ordered mine on the 12th of November and am still waiting on my package December 8th, so annoying . Especially annoying since it hasn’t even said it’s made it to the U.S yet and tracking info says Usps hasn’t even received it and my delivery date is unknown. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 my baby is due December 25th in 2 more weeks but he can come any day now and I really wanted it to be here before he got here. If I would’ve known shipping was so terrible I would’ve never spent my money and if I knew it was coming from China I wouldn’t have gotten it either. Don’t like how thin it looks. I should’ve looked on YouTube first but it looked so good on fb . Did you wash it before using it?

    1. Neshiaa A’kia congrats on being a new momma! Yea, shipping took about three and half weeks for me. Honestly, I think for a newborn that swaddling is bear. I didn’t see this as a miracle product. I did hand wash it and let it air dry because I could tell this came straight out of a Chinese warehouse !

    1. VP I hand washed mine and hung to dry. You may be able to machine wash it. If you do, I would clean it on delicate

    1. Hello! It didn’t come with cleaning instructions. I hand washed mine and hung it up to dry. You may be able to throw it in the washer on delicate but I don’t think I would put it in the dryer.

  5. I got this for my daughter. Personally I love it. She’s three weeks old and have been using since she was born. It doesn’t put her to sleep, but when she is sleeping in her bassinet, I never worry about her turning over on her stomach and suffocating! That was my big concern, it keeps her on her back! Which for me that was the main purpose in purchasing. My daughter sleeps in it fine, when she’s ready !

  6. This is a cheap version of a great product. I bought my daughter the Babymoov cozydream newborn lounger, which is similar to this but way better quality, and she said that it’s a miracle product. Does that mean it works for every baby, no, but it was a game changer for her sweet little peanut. I think the pictures she saw of it were of the high quality one but they send a knock off to you.

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